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About Me

I am Catherine and I decided to make a little confusion in the peaceful world of aprons.

I am a cosmetologist, but I have always been my passion for nail styling, and I have decided to focus on this area even though I have completed a school of Viper and styling along the way, as well as a school of computer graphics. But this nail styling has won my heart the most and this is precisely my destiny.

I have been working in the industry for more than 10 years and have always sought the perfect apron for work. I tried with cosmetic, hairdressing, medical, but I always had the same problem-either visible dust or stain after a hybrid or gel on the material. Then I just started dreaming about the apron in patterns to hide the possible stains from normal operation. I was looking for a corresponding model in all possible companies on the market-such apron, not only in Poland but also abroad-unfortunately, I found.
Finishing the School of Computer graphics (graphic designer will not, but I still like to learn new things) I learned that there are possibilities to print your artwork on the fabric. Then I came up with a brilliant idea-since there are no apron for me, I will create it myself!

The final of this story is that after the clients and sales representatives were delighted with my apron, I decided to share them with you too.
Thanks to my experience gained over the years of work, I knew that before the aprons would go into the world they must meet several important criteria:

  • My product must be of the highest quality, because I sign under my own name
  • Print must be durable, saturated colors, unbanal patterns
  • And the main thing-the material must be thin (to eliminate the feeling of “boiling”) and at the same waterproof and dustproof

The thought that accompanied me in the creation of aprons was such that they were stylish and practical, and each of us in them felt beautiful!

My dear beauty girlfriends, I first created a series of graphics-related apron with our industry. As is usually the case, copycats quickly appear, but it only proves that my idea is good. I am also of the opinion that competition is good because it mobilizes us to work even better and to open our heads to new, creative ideas.
That’s why I promise you! The end of boring apron, and by the way guarantees the highest quality of my products. I created this apron for myself, but since we are so much in this industry it is willing to share it with you too.

I would like you to know that I appreciate your trust, support and suggestions that you share with me and are always willing to answer all your questions.

Stylish and beautiful at work?
Because, who like not us?!

K. Tyrka ❤

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