Polyester – the worst material? Learn the truth about the material that is not so famous and find out why it is from it that I sew aprons for the beauty industry.

Polyester. Scratching, unpleasant, cheap. One of the worse materials. Such opinions are often heard and read about the material, which is polyester. There was a reason – it was just at the very beginning, when its production began. But should his evil fame, which he was covered, continue? Can polyester be a good material? My […]

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Do you take care of your hands properly?

Dear everyday we care for our clients. We care for their hair, skin and nails. We also take care of their hands, which are often treated as a business card. Let’s think about it and ask ourselves – do we equally care about our hands that perform all these treatments for others? We often advise, […]

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How to care for hybrid nails?

When the day comes when you decide to give up gel, hybrid or other styling, there are a few important things to remember. Calmly! Keep your head up, it won’t be as bad as it may seem. However, you will need some time, patience and regularity to restore the good condition of your natural nail […]

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